Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

My nine year old specifically asked me to take a certain picture of him and then blog about it. A future writer? Maybe - of course if he takes after his daddy or me, he won't really have much of a chance. Oh, and I should say that the picture is totally staged. A future story teller (i.e.liar)? Maybe - but I certainly hope not!

I should say that the hammock is so much fun! My dad gave it to us months - maybe even a year or 2 - ago and it has been in the garage all that time. Easter weekend the boys begged their daddy to put it up in the back yard and he did. It is really fun, I must say! A big thanks to Papa and Mimi!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not so silly

Ah, the joy of silly putty. Every kid loves their silly putty, right? It comes in that cute small red egg and can be rolled and shaped into 1,000 things.

Silly putty, however, has been outlawed in my home. Forever. At least for my 9 year old. And here is why:

This picture is not the best since it was taken with my phone, but you get the "picture"! This is blue silly putty grounded into the carpet about one year ago - never to come out.

As I said, this was about a year ago and I had almost forgotten the incident. Almost.

So Lu and I were at the store the other day and he wanted to get some silly putty. I said sure! Then he asked if we could get some for Brother (this is what he calls B which I prefer to Bubba which is what he called B when he was younger) and I said sure. Obviously I had forgotten last years incident. But only for a moment.

2 blissful days passed and all was well in our silly putty world. Until today. When I went to change the sheets on their beds and found this:

Yes, friends, that is silly putty. Grounded into his comforter. That comforter was brand new in November. Not so new now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Final, Final post for March

Clearly, I mislabeled the last one. Who knew I would find more to write about. And I also realized it is only March 29th so there could even be one more. Watch out!

We were blessed with a gorgeous day and tickets to the Aggie Baseball game this afternoon - who could ask for more?? Well, after the game the kids were allowed to run the bases, get autographs and eat ice cream with the players. I LOVE Aggie baseball - I swear these guys go above and beyond! They are so good with the kids and so patient after I know they were exhausted from a 3 game sweep of Kansas - Whoop!

The boys running full speed around the bases at Olsen Field. The pictures are so blurry because they are running so fast!!

The boys with Kevin Gonzalez - a great Aggie catcher and an all around nice guy!

This is my favorite picture because they are having these big athletes serve the children ice cream and all they could use was a flimsy plastic spoon! I guess someone forgot the ice cream scoops! It was like watching a TV blooper - LIVE! Too funny, but they were so good natured about it. Again, can't say enough good things about the Aggie baseball team. They are true champions on and off the field!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Final Post for March

Lately I have been much more into reading blogs than posting on my own. Their are just so many interesting people and stories out there and I love to read about others as they walk hand--in-hand with the Lord through some unthinkable tragedies. If you need a good cry, just go here or here. These amazing families are dealing with some heavy stuff. It makes it hard for me to write about my incredibly MUNDANE life! But it also helps me to focus on how incredibly blessed I am. Seriously. Our family knows very little about REAL tragedy and sorrow and sadness and for that I am grateful. However, when and if the day arrives, I pray that I will be able to handle it with the Grace and Love and Trust and Hope that is shown by these people I have been reading about but most likely will never meet. I THANK GOD for the example that they are setting for me and you!

But back to my incredibly MUNDANE life - this is my favorite picture of the boys from Spring Break and what is a post without a picture of my not-so-little-anymore-boys?? Enjoy!!

(I just realized that my real favorite Spring Break picture is actually on my phone so, in a pinch, this one will have to do!Of course, now that I look at this one, it might be my favorite after all!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ah, Facebook

I admit it - I have had the experience. A little more than a year ago a friend of mine was getting ready for her 20 year reunion and many of her friends were joining facebook to reconnect. I didn't get it. I love to email and blog. Why do I need one more thing to do? Well, I fought technology as long as I could and then about 4 months ago I gave in and joined facebook. I still didn't get it. At first, about 90% of my friends lived within a 5 mile radius of me. I knew what they were doing without checking their status daily. Or did I? As my time on facebook has multiplied (much to my sweet husbands chagrin - he REFUSES to join, oh well...he doesn't know what he is missing!) I realize all the rage! I have reconnected with many friends from high school and even junior high when we lived in another town. And I know even more about my local friends than I did before (and not in a creepy way!). Just this morning at church several people inquired about Lu and his health thanks to my status updates on facebook. Someone asked if I had gone to the rodeo yesterday since my status was about being in Houston. And I had a great conversation with a friend about her job - again, something I had learned from her status update on facebook. I don't think this advancing technology is making us grow apart, but instead grow closer as we know more about what each one is doing.

And the weird thing is my thoughts have come to mimic status updates. You know as I am getting ready to do something I will be thinking, "Lisa is so happy to be going to church today!" Or, "Lisa is ready for the rain to end and the sun to shine."

Ah, is scary to see what will be next!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Leonardo Da Vinci!

The boys have been studying famous people at their school. B has been studying specific time periods each 6 weeks and doing projects/presentations to sum up his learning. At the end of this past 6 weeks he had to pick someone from the Renaissance period to study, dress like, and "be" in his classes living museum. His pick? Leonardo Da Vinci! We were good on everything except the costume. I am not one of those moms who can just whip up a costume out of a cream cheese container and some left over material. In fact, there is not left over material in my house. At all. None. Luckily my mom is one of those moms and even though she lives 7 hours away she was able to whip up a great painters cap and artists palette. It was amazing! Add an old polo and I think B made a great Leonardo.

And since Lu idolizes his big brother, when it was his turn to pick a famous person - any famous person from any time period - who do you think he picked? You guessed it. Leonardo Da Vinci! Obviously I was thrilled. The costume was taken care of! And I would say that Lu also made a very charming, very handsome Leonardo!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Madness

And we are not talking about basketball here people. We are talking sickness - knock you down, ruin your vacation, stop your world sickness.

Let's start at the beginning.

B missed a week back in February with some strep throat/flu combo. You can read about that here if you don't recall the story. So I was happy and amazed that Lu didn't pick it up. He has always been the sicker of my 2 kids and usually catches everything that gets thrown our direction. This year has been exceptional and except for one day for my aunt's funeral, he has had perfect attendance. This is pretty much unheard of for us!

Can you see where this is headed??

Enter March. My current least favorite month ever. Sweet Lu goes to spend Saturday night with a friend in a neighboring town - about 20 miles away. G, B and me wake up Sunday morning (March 1st) and get ready for early church. I have to admit it is kind of nice to only have one kid to get ready. I am so excited to be at church - we are just beginning a new Lenten Sermon Series and our Sunday School class is starting a new study as well. This is going to be a good day! Well, about 8:30 my phone rings - yes, in church - but luckily I have it on vibrate. It's Lu's friend's mother. Everything is great she reports except Lu is not really eating and not playing just laying around watching t.v. This certainly doesn't sound like him....she takes his temp and sure enough it is 101. I go back and tell the news to G and take off to pick up Lu. I get to him and he looks bad. I call the pediatrician's office and get an appointment for the afternoon. He has the flu. We qualify for the inhaled medicine which was wonderful. I must work on Monday as it is TAKS week so G stays home. Lu is great and able to return to school on Tuesday. Whew! We sure dodged a bullet on that one. Or did we?? Fast forward to Friday, March 6th. I am running errands all over town. My parents are driving in to keep the boys because G and I are going to San Antonio for a 4 day get-away! So excited. I have my nails done, get a cool new shirt to wear out Saturday night, buy food for home and snacks for the hotel room.......then at 2:30 the school nurse calls to say that Lu threw up at school and is running a temp of 103.1. Are you kidding me?? Pick up Lu, take him straight to the doctor. Not sure what it is - could be the stomach virus, could be appendicitis, could be pneumonia......we decide to go home and let him get some rest and treat it like the stomach virus since that is most likely what it is. My parents arrive and we feel certain our San Antonio trip is just delayed for a few hours. These stomach things never last very long, right? WRONG! He just keeps getting worse and worse. I cannot get his temp to come down, he won't eat anything, he is throwing up about twice a G leave for San Antonio on Sunday with out me (he had to get to a conference he was attending) and I take Lu back to the doctor. Doctor #2 says this can last up to 10 days - he is fine, blah,blah,blah. I know he is not fine, but bring him back home and start praying. I have never seen Lu so sick for so long. I was truly scared and felt like we were headed for the hospital. I finally take him to see our pediatrician on Tuesday morning. He immediately does a CBC and send us to the hospital for x- rays. It IS pneumonia as Doctor #1 said it could be. Yeah! We have a diagnosis. He had to get 4 shots over 2 days and he has to take antibiotics for 10 days We have to go back for another x-ray in 2 weeks to make sure it has cleared up. He is weak and has been laying in the bed for 7 days now, but his temperature is NORMAL and he is getting his appetite back. Praise the Lord - he is doing so much better now!!