Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

My nine year old specifically asked me to take a certain picture of him and then blog about it. A future writer? Maybe - of course if he takes after his daddy or me, he won't really have much of a chance. Oh, and I should say that the picture is totally staged. A future story teller (i.e.liar)? Maybe - but I certainly hope not!

I should say that the hammock is so much fun! My dad gave it to us months - maybe even a year or 2 - ago and it has been in the garage all that time. Easter weekend the boys begged their daddy to put it up in the back yard and he did. It is really fun, I must say! A big thanks to Papa and Mimi!!

1 comment:

Jesse and Sarah Chupp said...

He did a pretty good job of looking like he was really sleeping!